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Our New Space & Service | It’s update time!

Good Morning! It’s update time!

We’ve decided it was time we send out a little update about construction, where we’re going , projects and the likes… We’ve made a few changes, made some decisions and now it’s time to fill you all in.

First and foremost, we’ve heard a lot of you saying you haven’t seen anything going on, whats happening. Well we can assure you that the Team at Alair Homes Georgian Bay lead by Elliott is hard at work! They have been going non-stop every day in order to make this project come together sooner than later. New floors, new walls, new supports.   The owners of 290 King Street have decided to keep the old building intact and in the words of Elliott himself, ‘we’re building a building, within a building’. This has caused a few things to run long, but we’re loving the outcome. We’ve had to cover up a bunch of brick that we would have preferred to keep, but then be able to also bring in a few key pieces of architectural splendor.   You’ll soon see it all, I promise!

Our goal is still to be open some time in May, though that flip flops back and forth depending on construction, but once we have a hard and fast date, we’ll all let you know, promise!



Some changes from our original plan….


After some long and hard thinking, we’ve decided to let go of our original space at 248 King Street. It wasn’t an easy decision for me.   A lot of blood, sweat, (yes)tears and plain old hard work went into turning that ugly salmon coloured space into something a little more warm and homey. It’s where we started, evolved, changed and came up with what we have today. We are however, pleased to know that it’s new owners are going to love it as much as we do!   Please welcome Pebble Tree to its new location! Joannie has been hard at work over the last several years growing her business and has decided that storing things and working half at home and half at her shop, just isn’t going to work! We can’t wait to shop for all our home décor and candle essentials at the new Pebble Tree at 248 King street! Stay tuned for her opening date and congrats Joannie!

The Pebble Tree


What does this mean for our retail outlet?


Well it means that we were able to secure a tiny little shop space under the same roof as our new Restaurant space at 290 King Street. You may remember accessing the old building from either the front or the back, and no worries, you’ll still be able to do that.   This time however, when you come in the back you’ll be greeted by a spacious hallway wrapped around the new Larder and Pantry by Ciboulette et Cie!


As we’ve grown we’ve noticed more and more need for a lot of the pantry staples we have served over the last few years. And as such, we’ve allotted a full time Chef to make it all happen! In comes Jennifer Toole, our current Chef who will now head-up the development of our new food centric Larder and Pantry.


Jenny has a lot of new and exciting things on her mind but you can expect to see things like Fresh Prepared meals made daily, subscription prep meals, more healthy fresh frozen meals, pâtés, cured meats and more!


We also haven’t forgotten the staples like olive oils, Canadian organic canola oils and local meats from our friends at 10Fold Farms. We’ll also still carry pastas, sauces, stocks, spices, a whole range of gluten free prepared meals, desserts and more! We’ll be carrying everything we have now and adding even more things!   Do you miss us having cheese cut fresh from the wheel to order? We did too! Now that we have a dedicated storefront and no lunch line to slow down, we’ll be reintroducing that too!


In a rush for lunch, can’t wait to order through the restaurant? Don’t worry; we’ll have freshly prepared salads, sandwiches and other lunch items, ready to go at our new Larder and Pantry Quick Service Grab-n-Go at the back of the store! Oh and don’t forget, all of your favourite bulk buying for cookies, biscotti and other treats will all be back there too!


I’m so excited for this space and all the new things that Jenny is working on that I really can’t wait to see it all come together! Welcome to our Larder and Pantry.


Our New Space & Service


There isn’t much to add about our new space except that we’re so excited to be including so many local Craftsman (and women!) into the space to help us make it happen! A huge shout out goes to Tripps Paint, Midland Point Woodshop, Infinite Design, Flooded Studios and of course Lindsay Schultz Kitchens and Cabinetry (wait til you see these bathrooms!! BAM!)


The one big change is going to be service. After many a discussion with staff, we have decided that we can give better quicker service if we make the switch to table service. On the eve of turning 7 years old, we’ve decided to grow up and play with the big kids! You can expect to see servers come to your table with iPads and a full array of menu items to serve your needs! This will speed up service, save you waiting in line and get you in and out (and more comfy) in less time! With the combination of both this, a new kitchen with some snazzy equipment, as well as adding an extra cook for every lunch hour, we’re excited to see things move faster and more efficiently making your experience that much better!   No more line-ups and no more giving up half way to your lunch!


Don’t worry, we’ll still have a spot for you to order your to-go coffees and lunches throughout the day should you not want to sit and wait, or even see what you need in the Larder and Pantry.


Community Kitchen


Well our plan was to move forward with a Rentable Community Kitchen space when we were keeping our 248 King Street location. Part of the reason that we decided to give it up was that though we searched high and low, most everyone who wanted a space, already had one, or just didn’t have any interest in it anymore. This isn’t to say we aren’t keeping this one in our back pocket for another day, but for right now, we thought it best to focus on our core offerings and see what the future holds.


Dinner Service


Yup! If you didn’t already know, since the post on Facebook went viral, we have added a new face (beard) to the kitchen!   Chef Addie Ham has joined the team and is hard at work creating some new menu items for lunch, but mostly for our new expanded dinner service! Over the last few months, we’ve been open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday to serve you dinner. It’s been a limited menu of amazingly delicious food, but we’re ready to see that grow.   Don’t expect to see a ghastly amount of menu items like you would at a chain restaurant, but do expect to see curated, hand –picked items by our staff and Chef! We plan to continue offering dinner 3 nights a week as we get started and the more often people come in, the more likely we are to be open more nights of the week! My ultimate goal, would be to be open 7 days a week for both breakfast, lunch and dinner! Not to mention there has been discussion of a new Summer Brunch Menu coming our way…


All of this can only be possible with the continued support of our friends and neighbours.   If I can ask you, on behalf of all of our friends and other neighbourhood restaurants like Dillons Pizza, Lily’s, the Explorers Café, Dino’s, Lady Bug Café, Grounded Coffee Co, Uncle Roys, Cellarmans Ale House, the Boathouse and many many more, the more you come downtown for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the more we can stay open, the more you avoid going out to the ‘chain restaurants’ to eat and spend time with us, the more likely you are to find us open at all hours and days of the week!   It is a proven fact that a healthy downtown has A LOT of restaurants in it, serving all kinds of food and people! Help us, help you EAT! Your options in Downtown Midland are endless!


290 King Street

290 King Street


Over all we’re very excited about our new space (yes, still even though it’s taken such a long time! J ) and all of the offerings that will accompany it!


With all that’s ahead, we see room for private dinners, small functions, as well as a growing dinner service, Craft beer lines, new additions to our already amazing bakery items (Thanks Baker!!!), Live music, trivia nights, game nights, and so many new and exciting things that we’ve been quietly working on over the last 6 months or so.


As always we promise to stay on top of the trends, keep things interesting and exciting! And don’t forget that most of these new changes and additions come from suggestions from you folks! Our every day supportive customers and friends!   Drop us a line anytime with any idea or fun thing you’d like to see happening in town. There are a lot of new things coming to Midland over the next year or so, and we want to make sure we stay a part of that and create the space that you want to come to with your family and friends!